/ / ARTitect / / is an up and coming || Street Art and Graffiti || documenting project with a global outlook bringing street inspiration from Israel.

My name is Daniella, and I’m an architect, armed with a decent enough camera.
I stand behind the project / / ARTitect / /  – The most comprehensive blog for street art and graffiti in Israel.

I’m addicted to the streets since about 2008.

Walls, Squats, Abandoned buildings, Timeless Areas, Sunrise, Flashlights,Paste ups, Stickers, Stencils.And most important of all – the smell of a freshly sprayed piece.

// No bullshit, just STReeT as a STReeT should be //

The blog focuses on: pieces, artists, abandoned buildings, exhibitions, installations and more.
A proud host to several international artists, along with so many more local ones.

check out a live, radical, creative, surprising Israeli scene.

/ / BIG UP ya’ all / /


for any farther thoughts: il.st.art@gmail.com


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